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Dynamic Vocational Consulting offers a variety of Vocational and Life Care Planning Services to include: Vocational and Life Care Plan Clinical Interviews, Vocational Testing, Medical Cost Analysis/Projections, Vocational Assessments, Vocational Evaluations, Wage Earnings Capacity Evaluations, Wage Loss Assessments, Medical/Records Review & Summaries, Rehabilitation Placement Planning, Job Development, Transferable Skills Analysis, Job Analysis, Job Placement Counseling, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services. The above is not to be considered all inclusive of all of the services offered but rather a sampling and summary of the potential services offered as such. 

Vocational Expert Claire Heusinger
Life Care Planner Florida

Vocational Evaluation and Placement Services

Vocational Evaluations provide information for the evaluee regarding the types of occupations available in the market, their employability, as well as assessing their wage earning capacity considering their vocational profile and capacities. Placement services assist an evaluee in job seeking skills training, resume preparation, and job placement counseling. 

Vocational Assessment and Testing Services

Vocational Assessments include psychometric testing and data collection to develop or modify placement plans, provide information regarding the evaluee's vocational profile, and gather relevant details that may be required for a Vocational Evaluation. 

Life Care Plan stock photo - Claire Heus

Job Analysis Services

Job Analysis provide information to the employer, medical provider, and evaluee of the expected requirements and demands that a position entails within the labor market. 

Life Care Planning and Consultation Services

Life Care Plans are a dynamic tool based upon published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research to outline a plan for current and future medical needs with associated costs for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic healthcare needs. 

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